Romain Rea and the Rhabilleurs: Ode to the Vintage

Published on 29 June 2019

Romain Rea’s friendship with the Rhabilleurs is no secret to anyone, as you noticed it through the various episodes of the series “The Expert’s Minute”. For this second episode of the Podcast Les Rhabilleurs, Nicolas and Jérôme sat around the table with Romain Réa, founder of the Romain Réa’s shops specialized in vintage watches, CEO of Antiquorum and Expert at the Paris Court of Appeal. A long-time friend, a lover of cinema and meaningful objects.

This meeting is an opportunity to present in greater depth the links between Romain Rea and the world of the 7th Art. The devil is in the details and, on the cinema screen, the wristwatch is just one of those details that takes on all its importance in determining a personality’s character. It can also be an opportunity for the actor to transmit a part of his own character through his role. Romain Rea has been supplying the biggest names in cinema for several years, from Robert de Niro to Russel Crowe.

The taste for beautiful things more than for a brand, the nostalgia of the past, the demand for exceptional products, the passion for watchmaking… so many criteria that are the guiding principles of the friendship between Romain Rea and the Rhabilleurs. We let you discover the interview: : ItunesSpotifySoundcloudDeezer ! 

Romain Réa