Fine and rare stainless steel designer wristwatch with retrograde jumping hours (reading: stick hand for the hours and orange one for the minutes). Rectangular case. Snapped case back. 12-hour graduated blue dial, date window at 3 and minute scale. Self-winding mechanical movement, Duromat 7525/1.

  • Brand Lip
  • Reference RR364
  • Year 1973
  • Store Rue du Bac
  • Price n.a.
  • Dimensions 32 x 40 mm

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In the beginning, Emmanuel Lipman was an artisan watchmaker, working at his workshop with his magnifying lens and also roaming the Alsatian plain to repair or sell clocks. Half peddler half clock doctor, in winter he returns to his village, his workshop and prepares for the next season. But this man will remain faithful to his native Franche Comté area, he bears a name that has lost its second syllable and is now one of the most popular in the watch industry. He is the father of all Lip watches, which from a small company of fifteen people in 1868 in the main street of Besançon, ends up as the most popular French manufacture.

In 1896, the Lip chronometer is launched, the manufacture is in the race. The watch production is about 2500 pieces per year. In 1931, the brand becomes Lip SA. In the 1970’s, Lip worked in collaboration with famous designers to create unique and sensational models, in the image of this Lip Secteur Retrograde.

It is a stainless steel rectangular case of 34×40 mm dimensions. A pretty blue dial with short white hand to indicate the hours on a curved 12-hour graduated scale, the orange hand to indicate the minutes, the hands at the bottom of the dial automatically return to the top of the dial. Date window at 3. Self-winding mechanical movement, Duromat caliber 7525/1.

This atypical watch is well known to lovers and collectors of designer watches, rare on sale this exceptional watch with a unique look will be able to join your collection of remarkable watches.