ROLEX AIRKING ref. 5500Sold


  • Brand Rolex
  • Reference RR529
  • Year 1989
  • Store Champs-Élysées
  • Price n.a.
  • Dimensions 34mm

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To congratulate the courage of the pilots of the royal air force, rolex created in 1945 the models air-king ref 4365, with manual winding and second hand 6h.
In 1957 introduced the reference 5500, the best known and the most manufactured. It has a special typology for the “air-king” as written by hand.
The watch becomes automatic with the caliber 1520 and 1530. It has a central second hand.
The box does not change during all these years, only the dials have different colors.
The model is an undisputed and indisputable success, its ultimate sobriety has caught the hearts of the general public for nearly 60 years.
The model proposed is of 1989. The last ones manufactured with the plexis glasses. The black dial is one of the most beautiful, stick-applied index, central second hand.
Self winding movement.
This watch with 34 mm will be perfect for a masculine or feminine wrist.
This model with perfect design is timeless, it will accompany you in all circumstances. A vintage with resolutely modern looks, which has not taken a wrinkle for decades.
A favorite investment for your first rolex. The air-king is an indispensable pillar to the history of the brand to the crown