1675 vs 16750

Published on 26 September 2018

Rolex GMT is well known. Worn by as many historical figures as celebrities, from Fidel Castro to Tom Selleck, it is experiencing a growing revival since Rolex revealed its new reference in Basel on a jubilee bracelet. 

Today we have decided to present two references that at first glance seem very similar, but reflect the evolution of the GMT model.


The 1675 was launched in 1959. It replaced the first GMT reference, the 6542, which had probably been ordered by the PAN AM. To date, it is the reference with the most longevity since Rolex stops producing it in 1981. Then, it was replaced by the 16750. 

In this case, our two models present the same external aspect: a very beautiful matt dial, the Mercedes hands with the GMT hand, a beautiful Pepsi insert on the bezel… Everything is done to guarantee a simple and clear visibility to the wearer of the watch, with the indication of two time zones. The main difference between the two references is the caliber. Rolex does not forget that the first mission of its GMTs is to be at the service of the pilots and it is with this in mind that one passes from the 1575 caliber to the 3075 caliber which integrates the quick set of the date.

WHY BUY A 1675 OR A 16750 ?

We could answer that it is simply a sure value and that the buyer will make a good investment. But beyond these purely financial considerations, these are two superb timepieces, made unique thanks to a slight patina, which are typical of all collector’s watches. Elegant and sporty, these two GMTs will satisfy the ambition of all discerning collectors.

Romain Réa