Wristology 101: Daniel Coffaro

Published on 20 February 2019

Daniel Coffaro is a man of passion: jazz lover, fervent admirer of the 1970’s, coffee buff, and, what mainly interests us here, a true watch enthusiast. 

Director of our rue du Bac store in Paris, he’s presenting us today, with his keen eye, the Rolex Submariner Ref. 6536/1. 


Today I am wearing a Rolex Submariner 6536/1, one of the first Submariner models without crown guards, made right after the reference 6536. Released in 1955, its production only lasted for four years. This is a “small crown”. The fact that it doesn’t have any crown guards adds a high collector value. Collectors gave the timepiece its nickname “James Bond”, like the reference 6538 famously worn by the one and only Agent 007, Sean Connery, in Dr. No. Rarer than the previous reference, the ref. 5508, this is a legend for all vintage wristwatch lovers. 

Finding a 60 years old Rolex in such good condition is a real challenge. Its case is slightly thicker than the ref. 5508, which enhances the presence to the watch. Furthermore, thanks to its gilt dial, the wristwatch has a unique and exceptional look. The famous 1030 “Butterfly” beats at the heart of this timepiece, one of the most beautiful mechanical movements ever known. Last but not least, its original riveted Oyster bracelet fits perfectly at the wrist.


This is one of the three classic Rolex watches to wear: Daytona, GMT and Submariner. The diameter of the case, a bit smaller than 40 mm, the beauty of the dial and its comfort make the watch simple and classic at the same time. Furthermore, the very good legibility on the dial is always a plus. In my mind, it is one of the most beautiful Submariner models and the most timeless professional Rolex. 

Why acquire it? Because this fine and rare piece, besides being highly sought after, is the perfect balance between casual and chic, a distinguishing characteristic of Rolex. 

Romain Réa