Fine and rare Omega Seamaster 600 Ploprof stainless steel blue dial self-winding diver’s wristwatch.

  • Brand Omega
  • Reference RR1045
  • Year 1970
  • Store Champs-Élysées
  • Price n.a.
  • Dimensions 47x55mm

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This extraordinary diver’s watch is undoubtedly the most extreme Tool Watch in terms of scuba diving watches, imagined by Omega in 1970. It is the ultimate tool for divers at that time.

The Comex uses it in particular during the historical dive at 250 m (820 ft) for 10 days.

Its case is made in a stainless steel block, its shape is difficult to describe, it measures 55X45 mm.

A real beast of the seas that divers tame after all.

A unique crown locking system makes it water resistant to 600 m (2000 ft). It has been tested at a depth of 1300 m (4265 ft), only the monolithic glass was deformed, the watch was still working.

Another feature is the bezel locking system, a red push-button on the side of the case locks the bezel.

Self-winding mechanical movement, the caliber 1002.

A unique and original aesthetics that makes it more than desirable instrument today.

This one is very rare with its crown at 9 and the red push-button on the right side of the case.

The stainless steel bracelet, known as “Shark”, signed by Omega.

The Ploprof (plongeuse professionnelle, means professional diver’s watch), with its extravagant features can join your collection of watches to be worn in an elitist way.

Serviced by Omega.